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Thank you for choosing the Bishop’s Lodge Stables as one of your Santa Fe Adventures.  We are confident that riding through the beautiful 314 acres of the Bishop’s Lodge Ranch and the adjacent Sangre de Cristo mountains will be a highlight of your time in Santa Fe.

If you have the privilege of living in Santa Fe – we offer an array of weekly trail rides or pony rides to enhance your desire to be with, around or on a horse.

The land is ancient here and the 100 year history of the Bishop’s Lodge is rich and serves as a tribute to the Bishop Lamy who owned the property in the late 1800’s.  When you ride these trails you will indeed get the sense of the many who have traveled them before.  You will hear tales of these hills…most likely true and you will experience a ride that will be reminiscent of the west and all she entails – both past and present. Enjoy.