Horse Memories

Santa Fe Trail RidingThere is something special about a horse and rider.  There is something familiar.  There is something soothing and calming and interior that happens when any one of use get on a horse and ride through the mountains, stand on a mesa or wade through a river.

There are few places that offer so much variation in what we will see in just a couple of hours on a horse than the Bishop’s Lodge Stables.  Yes – there are open plains and hills full of sage – but where will you meet water, sand, sky and rocky mountain all in one ride?  I dare say few places but here in the hills that surround this place.

We share a sacred place with our guests who have been married here, raised their children here, grown up here, have family here and come back here year after year. This is not our land…it is theirs.  It lives in their heart…on a horse they rode when they were 10…and now they are 50 and they keep coming.  They bring their grandchildren for a lesson or the baby in the family for their first pony ride…and that is where it begins. The sight, the smell, the sound of HORSE MEMORIES.

We take that responsibility seriously…making memories.  We do it every day.  We get up in the morning and remember that today it will be someone’s first ride, someone’s first horse touch, someone’s first lesson.  We know that today will be a day they never forget – no matter how many times they have ridden…they have never been here.  These memories will be special.  They will be magical.  They will be wonderfully woven into the tapestry of a life we get to meet today and that is a privilege.


Fall Trail Rides in the Sangre de Cristo’s

horseback-riding-bishops-lodge-pic1Fall came early this year and the Sangre de Cristo’s light up with color as the Aspens declare the change of seasons.

It snowed in the Rocky’s and froze in Tesuque last week…while the roses were still in bloom. And yet, we ride.

Fall is a favorite time to visit Santa Fe.  The summer crowds are seemingly dispersed and the weather is crisp and the mountain fresh with a blanket of color beneath our feet to hike in.  The ride through Bishop’s Lodge Ranch and out to the forest is truly spectacular on the back of a horse.  Tewa smells the season change and all the horses begin to adorn their furry winter coat in preparation for cold weather.

We have 8 to 12 weeks to enjoy this parade of color before our next beautiful season of playing in the crunchy white snow!  Come join us for a fall ride or buy a gift certificate this holiday season for a loved one and give them the experience of a lifetime.



Online Booking – Launched!


And…we’re OFF!

We have been busy at the Bishop’s Lodge Stables this week – creating and launching our new Website and interfacing with our new ONLINE BOOKING system.

We are quickly finding our Guests LOVE the ease of booking their rides from their phone or computer while en route or during their trip planning!  We are delighted to offer the services and look forward to seeing so many new Riders this fall and winter!

Did we mention we are remaining open all year!  There is nothing more delightful than a ride in the Snow filled forest at noon on a winters day.  So many adventures ahead for all of us.  Book online and we will see you soon!