Our Horses


It takes a sturdy mount to navigate the mountains, plains, rivers and ridges that surround the Bishop’s Lodge Stables.  Our trusted trail horses are experienced in safely delivering our guests back home after a  relaxing trail ride.  One of the finest ways to experience the “wild west” is on the back of a great horse.  With many miles under hoof…our horses are familiar with the terrain, wild life and humans that they encounter regularly on their adventures through the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

We allow our horses to live in a natural herd environment which encourages them to bond and connect in their natural patterns.  They are as dedicated to each other as they are to their handlers and work together from beginning to end to accomplish their goal of delivering a memorable ride to each of our guests!  It’s beautiful in the forest and the horses “know” it well…so even in a sudden 10 minute Santa Fe storm…they remain confident that it will quickly pass, that the sky will clear and the sun will break through to deliver another stunning, breathless day.  Come early to pet them.  Bring a carrot or an apple as a special treat and know that they are happy to get back out there…on the trail!

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